In over a decade of photographing some of the most incredible weddings nothing has topped this experience.

Pat is a fellow Brooks Institute of Photography grad. I was delighted when he contacted me about this very sweet elopement he was planning with Lucy. After getting ready and shooting a few portraits up at the vacation rental we hopped on a canoe and I was dropped off upstream at the perfect ceremony location Pat had scouted out. And then he left me there! I had no shoes on, my pants rolled up to my knees, three cameras hanging off me, film/lens bags strapped to my belt and no where to put anything down! The officiant (a dear friend of theirs) and I waited for over twenty minutes in the freezing water for the bride to be brought up to join us. It was crazy and we all laughed the whole time. Their photos are something of a dream… walking on water while reciting their vows. To this day I feel honored to have been included in this fun little adventure with them.


I had to include this little moment at the end. As we’re rowing back to shore the bride tosses her bouquet to the officiant waiting on the dock for the return trip. To the right is her boyfriend, the videographer. Maybe they’ll be next!